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International programmes and learning

EIB – The Victor Hugo School established its programmes in response to the growing need for education to reflect the future internationalization of our communities – a need that continues to exist in an ever-changing and globalized world.

Holistic education

EIB – The Victor Hugo School is an accredited IB World School adhering to the highest academic standards of the IBO. The school offers the IB Diploma Programme, and is a candidate school for the IB Middle Years programme. The International Primary Curriculum is provided in primary school, ensuring an international outlook.

International school education - Victor Hugo Private School Paris

EIB – The Victor Hugo School uses technology, with Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom, to enhance teaching and learning. We also offer a one to one iPad programme in the Middle School and a vast array of digital resources throughout the school.

Students are active members of the community through the IB module of Community, Activity and Service (CAS) further broadening their education. EIB – The Victor Hugo School is proud of its bespoke IB Diploma Programme centre. Our IB Diploma students can take full advantage of our location near the Invalides Esplanade to put their learning into an authentic context.

With an abundant offering including drama, music and visual arts and plenty of extra-curricular activities, EIB – The Victor Hugo School provides a well-rounded education.

Our teachers

Our teachers come from over 15 different countries worldwide and over 60% of them have more than ten years of teaching experience.
Our teachers hold at least a bachelor’s degree while many hold a Master’s or PhD.
Our teachers are proud to provide the best teaching methods and learning experience for students.

Intensive English Program

Our Intensive English (IE) Learning Program is an additional school service provided to help your child succeed in school. IE teachers work with your child to help him or her develop English language skills, cultural awareness and learning strategies to be successful in our school.
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Success in Language Learning

The success of our students is due in part to a robust, three-point educational approach to language learning:

  1. Start learning a language as early as possible using the following:
    • Qualified native-speaker teachers;
    • Small class sizes to increase learning opportunities;
    • Grouping students of similar skill level within the class.
  2. Provide the students with a multilingual, international environment:
    • As a partner of UNESCO, we actively promote the school’s multicultural, plurilingual environment among our staff and student body.
  3. Place the learner at the centre of the learning.
    • Teaching and learning at EIB – The Victor Hugo School are tailored to meet the needs of the child. Extra support is offered to non-native speakers in both English and French.
Nursery and preschool program - international school in Paris

International Accreditations

Accredited by the University of Cambridge, Edexcel, College Board and IBO, this English-speaking curriculum prepares students to take the Cambridge International IGCSE examinations in Grade 10, followed by the International Baccalaureate (IB) and High School Diploma in Grades 11 and 12.
In addition to these certifications, students can, if they wish, sit the Advanced Placement examinations, A Levels, PSAT or SATs at our school. Thanks to this very comprehensive offer, our students have the opportunity to join the best international universities and higher education institutions of their choice (USA, UK, Asia, Europe, amongst others).

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