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Eleven of our Grade 9 and 10 orchestra & choir pupils and their great music teachers participated to the annual Globeducate International Music Festival with 160 other students from Globeducate’s schools in Europe.

Have a look at the amazing closing concert of the VIII Globeducate International Music Festival which was taking place at Colegio St Georges in Bilbao, Spain this year:





Testimonials from our teachers and students who participated to the Music Festival in Bilbao

"I made many encounters and discoveries on this trip in Bilbao. First of all, I'm very pleased that as many as 200 people were connected by music across nationalities and languages to create one fantastic concert that was a great success. I felt that our spirits came together through music. This trip will be a part of me as a precious memory and will stay my heart. I thank all the teachers, host families and friends for this wonderful experience."

Mao - Grade 10

"It’s a very good chance that I could go to another country to meet many people in different nationalities and play music together. The students and the host family from St.Gorege are so kind and they made me know well in Bilbao and Spain. I didn’t know that the concert would be so good until the day we had concert. I believe that i will never forget these beautiful memories and music we have made in Bilbao. And I’m really thanks for all the staff that organize and help this festival. I grow a lot through this experience."

Fang - Grade 10

"For me, this music festival in Bilbao is very good experience to learn music, culture and global education. In there I could meet various new friends. Also during 5 days with host family, I could learn a lot of culture and I made many memories. And our performance was rlly good this performance can't make if we are not together so in here I learned that good cooperative attitude. I hope I can go to this festival next year. Thank you."

Yerin - Grade 9

"Going to Bilbao gave me a lot of fun memories and taught me many new lessons. I learned how to be better in a group and that together, we are able to make something great and beautiful. I was able to bond with friends and make new ones too. There are not enough words to describe how enjoyable and memorable the trip was and how amazing the concert was."

Justin - Grade 10

"I am so glad our small school had an opportunity of being a part of something big!"

Mrs Stempien - Music Teacher - Arts Subject leader - Head of Grade 6 B