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The High School section is composed of Grades 9 through 12 (Year 10 to 13 in the British class system).

 A bespoke curriculum

For grades 9 and 10, students follow a bespoke curriculum with specific subjects in key academic areas, including a variety of electives. Some grade 9 (Year 10) subjects and most grade 10 (Year 11) subjects lead to the official University of Cambridge International IGCSE examinations.

 The IB Diploma Program

In grade 11 (Year 12), depending on academic eligibility and post-secondary aspirations, EIB-The Victor Hugo School students enter the full IB Diploma Program or complete an appropriate set of individual IB courses.

In both cases, the two-year cycle corresponding to grades 11 and 12 (Year 12 and 13) leads to the achievement of the High School Diploma.

In High School, students may also choose to learn Spanish or Japanese. Japanese and Korean-language classes are also available for native speakers. At EIB-The Victor Hugo School, Grade 11 and 12 (Year 12 and 13) courses are assessed both internally and externally. In addition to the IB diplomas and certificates, senior high school students have the possibility to sit official Edexcel Advanced Subsidiary and A-level examinations as well as Advanced Placement® course examinations and SAT® exams.
French instruction is offered by proficiency levels (from beginner to fluent) and through other academic offerings such as Sports in Grades 9 and 10.

EIB-The Victor Hugo School is the only institution in Paris to offer British and American qualifications alongside the IB Diploma.

To give your child the best High School education

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