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 The Victor Hugo School caters for children aged from 11 to 14 years old.

The Cambridge curriculum

The Victor Hugo School caters for students from Grade 6 to Grade 8 and follows the Cambridge Secondary 1 curriculum in Junior High School, complemented by daily French instruction offered at five proficiency levels. As a natural progression from the Cambridge curriculum offered in our Primary classes, this program develops students’ skills and understanding in English, Math and Science. It also provides an excellent preparation for the Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint (Grade 8) and IGCSE exams (Grade 10).

Every morning, before the beginning of the classes, our students have a Registration session with their Homeroom teacher. Classes start at 8.45 AM and finish at 4.50 PM every day except on Wednesdays, when students finish at 1 PM. 

Grade 6 and 7 students have lunch at school, while students from Grade 8 are allowed to leave campus and enjoy lunch in the nearby park.

Students are assessed regularly and assessment results are communicated to parents at regular meetings and in the students’ progress reports. At the end of Grade 8, Junior High School students have the opportunity to sit the official Cambridge Checkpoint Test in Literacy, Math, and Science. 

At the end of Grade 8, a graduation ceremony is organized to celebrate the start of High School.

Non-English speakers may be accepted in Junior High School, depending on their ability to learn and adapt to EIB-The Victor Hugo School’s teaching methods.

Intensive English courses and Learning Support in English and Maths are offered to students who need to reinforce their academic level.

French instruction is offered by proficiency level (from beginner to fluent) and through other academic activities that are taught by French teachers such as Art and Sports.

Not sure about the International Class Equivalency between France, UK and the US? Help is at hand:

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