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The Primary School welcomes students from Grade 1 to Grade 5 (aged 6-11). 

A personalized education

The Victor Hugo School has small classes of 20 students to provide each of them with a personalized education.

All subjects are taught in English with the exception of art, music and sport.  In addition, students have daily French language lessons. At the end of Grade 5, children may sit the official Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examinations for Literacy, Maths and Science.

The classrooms are large and well equipped.

We have taken the step of outfitting all of our classrooms with interactive whiteboards to provide more opportunities for our students to use educational software. The students have easy access to laptops and tablets.

The Primary students have their own well-stocked library as well as a mini gym and a spacious canteen area. 

At the end of Grade 5, students participate in a graduation ceremony to mark their entry into Junior High School.

Classes start at 8.45 am and finish at 4pm, except on Wednesdays (12.30 pm).

Not sure about the International Class Equivalency between France, UK and the US? Help is at hand:

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